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Shangtian Introduction_Printing Machine
        Dongguan Shangtian Printing Technology Co., Ltd.It is a digital printing technology solution provider for China's express printing and advertising and printing industries, and is affiliated to Dongguan Shangtian Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
        Formally established and operating in May 2005, it is the first key enterprise in transformation and upgrading and innovation management in Dongguan and even the country. The company is located in Lianyi Industrial Park, Wentang, Dongcheng District, Dongguan. The enterprises in the park are all well-known innovative management enterprises in Dongguan City, and are the cultivation bases that the Dongguan City Government has made great efforts.
        In Dongguan, Shangtian has excellent interaction and reputation with customers in the printing and advertising and printing industries, and has become the recognized first brand of HP indigo digital printing equipment. Everything we do is to promote industry progress and customer competitiveness.
        And create the ultimate value for our customers. Memorabilia of Dongguan Shangtian: Dongguan Shangtian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1999; in May 2005, it was officially renamed as "Dongguan Shangtian Printing Technology Co., Ltd."; in November 2007, it was devoted to HP indigo digital printing technology solutions. Solution service provider, became HP indigo digital printing equipment company...【Learn more】
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